The Friends support the State Archives in fulfilling its mission by

Volunteering with and encouraging volunteerism at the Archives and at events hosted by the Archives.

  • Work Session2Friends’ members volunteer with Archives staff to index early county records to make them more accessible by the public.



Sponsoring the Archives Pen to Podium History Writers lecture series by providing libations at receptions preceding the lectures.Pen to Podium - Evin Demirel








Raising funds to support activities of the State Archives such as acquisition of materials, conservation and processing work and public programming.

  • The Friends group has purchased privately published books and CDs for the Archives.
  • The Friends group has provided financial support for Archives events when needed.



Advocating for the State Archives to ensure its fair treatment by Arkansas lawmakers and public officials.

FASA sponsored Legislative Breakfast 2017
  • The Friends group has spoken up for the Archives concerning adequate staffing at the regional archives.
  • The Friends have approached legislators and the Governor concerning fair treatment of the Archives.

Encouraging the continuing education and professional development efforts of Archives staff.